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Jerry Jones
5th grade Magic Stallion Choir

Highland Park Song, sung to Yellow Submarine
School Song
Super Stallion Song
Sung to Yellow Submarine (Beatles)

In the Town we have our school
Highland Park is SUPER cool.
S U P E  and R
Have a meaning for who we are
Super Stallions here at Highland Park
Here ar Highland Park
Here at Highland Park (REPEAT)

S for safe can't you tell
We keep our hands and feet to ourselves
We understand that we must hear
All directions in school this year.  (CHORUS)

We can learn just what to do
From our teachers they're super too
We are proud of who we are
Super Stallions ahead by far. (CHORUS)

Excellent we do our best
Each and everyone

Show respect to everyone
We treat them all like number one. (CHORUS)